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Albin Novinec, CEO

Al Novinec, is a licensed Realtor with years of experience working with real estate investors across the United States in both sales and construction of real estate. Al is a resident of Jacksonville, NC, and is uniquely positioned to locate and acquire investment properties. He is a retired U.S. Marine Corps First Sergeant with three tours in Iraq. Member of NAR, CAR, NASDCAR, VFW, Marine Corps League, Knights of Columbus, BA in Criminal Justice, Masters in Management, Masters in HRM, Masters in Forensic Science, Masters in Public Administration and pursuing a PHD in Public Policy and Administration. He leans heavily on his personal investment experience to make wise market decisions for his clients.

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Phone Number: (910) 330-7222

Email Address: al.novinec@hotmail.com

PropertiesOnline.com: https://search.propertiesonline.com/agent/3yd-JBRNC-20160325161403538075000000/Albin-Novinec

Tina Novinec, VP Sales